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Prestige English

English Grammar Book – Level 1 – Book 2

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English Grammar Book – Level 1 – Book 2

This is the 2nd book in the 15 book series of the Prestige English Grammar Series.

Recommended for beginners and as an introduction to the wonderful world of grammar.

Please take the opportunity to download the 20 page FREE SAMPLE file of this booklet to preview its content and assess it suitability to your students’ level HERE.

Book Content:

  1. Simple Present Tense – The Verb ‘To Be’
  2. Interrogative of the verb ‘To Be’
  3. Adjectives – Colour
  4. Adjectives - Feeling
  5. Pronoun and the verb to be
  6. Present Tense (Question Form)
  7. What is/ What are…? This, That, These, Those

Book Information:
74 pages
Formatted for A4 double-sided printing.

Please Note: This is an electronic (PDF) product only.

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