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Phonics Book – Level 3 (Book 2) – SUPPLEMENTARY EXERCISES 4 ( Jolly Phonics / Letterland )

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Phonics Book – Level 3 (Book 2) – Supplementary Exercises 4 (Jolly Phonics / Letterland)
This is the 4th phonics supplementary exercise book to be used with Phonics Book – Level 3 Book 2 or as a standalone phonics book.
This book contains 13 digraphs, with simple vocabulary for reading/blending.
Included for each sound are matching, writing, cutting activities for early learners.
Sound Content:
er/ir/ur, oi/oy, ou/ow, or/al/au/aw, ey, y

Other Supplementary Exercise Books:
These books are also to be used in conjunction with this principle Phonics Book (Level 3 Book 2)
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Book Information:
30 pages
Formatted for A4 double-sided printing.
Note to Buyer: These are original books not available anywhere else online; however these are the photocopied versions and therefore offered at discounted prices.