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Phonics Single Sound FLASHCARDS ( Jolly Phonics / Letterland ) - FREE

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Phonics Single Sound Flashcards ( Jolly Phonics / Letterland )
This flashcard pack contains 25 single sounds with useful actions to assist young learners to remember and retain the single sounds for reading/blending practise.
Can be used as lesson flashcards or classroom decoration.
Sound Content:
S, A, T, I, P, N, C, K, E, H, R, D, M, G, O, U, L, F, B, J, Z, W, V, Y, X
NOTE 1: the ordering of the single sound letters have been developed in order of their usage and popularity within the English language to help develop a stronger grasp of reading/blending for students
NOTE 2: There is no ‘Q’ sound as that has been included within the digraph section as ‘Qu’
Phonics Exercise Book:
These flashcards are to be used in conjunction with this principle Phonics Book – Level 1 Book 1
You may also find the other principle phonics books here:
Phonics Book – Level 1 Book 2
Phonics Book – Level 2 Book 1
Phonics Book – Level 2 Book 2
Phonics Book – Level 3 Book 1
Phonics Book – Level 3 Book 2
Pack Information:
28 pages
Formatted for A4 single or double-sided printing.

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